Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dressed for success?

As far as I'm concerned, whenever Arsenal leave the pleasant environs of North London, they should play in yellow. That's why I hated last season's purple away kit with such venom, and why I like this season's new kit so much.

It's reminiscent of the classic yellow and bright blue strips of the late 1970s; not too fussy and instantly recognisable – there's definitely a lot to be said for keeping it simple. So far, it also seems to be pretty lucky – we haven't lost while wearing it yet. That's six matches, five wins and a draw after Sunday's game at the Hawthorns, and 12 goals.

So I bought it. With Giroud's name and number on the back – a player who I liked since he arrived from Montpellier, and who is now delivering on his early promise with some solid start-of-the-season form – six goals in all competitions, including that winner against Tottenham. Here are some pics:

Eagle-eyed Gooners among you might notice that this is the player issue version, not the standard replica version. Never had one before, but it does fit much better – with a different cut at the bottom and sides of the shirt as well as a few extra flashy features too, like perforated ventilation holes under the arms and heat-sealed rubber trim at the seams. The fabric also feels much lighter and more breathable – nicer than the fans' version. Honestly, these players don't know how lucky they are. One more for the shirt collection, anyway, which is getting increasingly ridiculous.

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